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06th Sep 2018

He’s Back – Listen To All Four Of Hozier’s New Songs Here

Darragh Berry

He’s back.

Andrew Hozier-Byrne or just the middle bit to you and I has released his brand new EP on Thursday night at 7:30pm and fans will not be disappointed.

The Wicklow man who sprung to fame all over the World with his self-titled first album but especially his first single ‘Take Me To Church’ in 2013 has finally given us some new music.

And it’s about time, he released five singles from his debut album and managed to squeeze every last bit of it right up until 2016.

Nina Cried Power includes a song with the same name, Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue), NFWMB and Shrike.

You can listen to them all below:

Let us know what you think. A new Hozier album is en-route too so expect even more music.

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