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28th Oct 2021

In need of some wholesome Thursday content? Look no further than the friendship between this man and his chicken!

Katy Thornton

We are loving the connection between these two!

If you’re feeling the midweek slump, and need a bit of joy in your day, look no further! Radio presenter Colum McGrath has been documenting his days with his new pal and we are obsessed with the videos. McGrath shares these videos on his TikTok account @radiocolum. We highly recommend you take a little scroll through his account. In the video below we can see the chicken doing a strut of sorts to the Jurassic Park theme tune. I mean, chickens did evolve from dinosaurs right?

Over on his Instagram page, Colum shares that he took in several hens from the Little Hill Animal Rescue, and this one was in particularly bad shape. Over a few weeks, with a little tender loving care, she is looking much better.

We can’t wait to keep up with Colum’s journey, and to see more hilarious videos in the future!

Header image via Instagram/radiocolum

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