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29th Jul 2022

Inception, frostbit boy edition – the viral sensation shares new video

Fiona Frawley

man smiling for camera holding a phone showing a younger version of him being interviewed in the snow

You wouldn’t be long getting a million followers on TikTok.

Ruairí McSorley is the national treasure that just keeps on giving. 
The Derry man was first awarded internet royalty status back during the Big Snow of 2015 when he boldly declared “It’s a day for the house” and of course, that you wouldn’t be long getting frostbit. 
One year later, Ruarí burst onto the airwaves with his charity single The Girl For Me, part of an album called Songs for Anna compiled for Northern Ireland girl Anna Guest, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at age 14. The track was, by his own admission, “parful altogether” and the video features the man himself rolling around in a hay stack. 
After a break away from the public eye, Ruarí was thrust back into the spotlight last summer by a pod of dolphins, who rescued him after he got into difficulty at sea off the coast of Inch Beach in Kerry. 
And now frostbit boy returns in his fully evolved form, frostbit man, as he was spotted on TikTok this week reenacting his iconic 2015 interview. 
TikTok user @BigMickTheBinman shared the video with the caption “I’ve got friends in low places”, in which a beaming Ruarí can be seen holding a phone playing his frostbit video, joining in with the well-known lines in between laughs. 
@bigmickthebinman Ive got friends in low places?‍♂️ #frostbitboy #frostbit #ruairimcsorley #irish #madman ♬ original sound – BigMickTheBinman

And so the prophecy has been fulfilled. Frostbit boy, guardian of the frost and sea returns as viral TikTok star. Currently manifesting an appearance from him on this years Dancing With The Stars.

Header image via TikTok/bigmickthebinman

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