Ireland's Favourite Christmas Cracker Joke Is Revealed And It's Just Awful

Ah, this is why we love Christmas, the terrible jokes.

Christmas Cracker

There are a few standout moments from Christmas dinners. The turkey and the desert spring to mind first but you have to admit, it just would not be the same without the Christmas crackers. 

Eir understands how much the Irish public love an absolutely awful Christmas joke so they went about surveying one thousand people in order to find the best around. 

In their 'Christmas Craic-Eir' report (we see what you did there), they found that one in five of us enjoy telling a cracker joke over Christmas dinner and nearly 30% of us find it funnier to watch someone trying to put together a child toys.

People aged between 18-24 said that the thing they found funniest was watching a loved one open a shite Christmas present and waiting for their reaction.

Wouldn't be so funny if it was the other way around, would it? 

However, the reason you're all here is to find out what is Ireland's favourite Christmas cracker joke and you better believe that it is downright terrible.

Q: What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

A: Christmas quacker.

One of the many reasons we love Christmas, the terrible jokes. 

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