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01st Jul 2018

18 Tweets That Prove The Irish Were Just Not Built For The Heat

Megan Cassidy

Not only is the sun splitting the stones… it’s splitting the nation.

While some people were BORN for this climate, others… not so much.

We’re talking excessive sweat, desperate searches for anything that can be used as a fan, and factor 2000 suncream.

We’ve reached the point in the heatwave where the grumbles are getting a liiittle bit louder, and we’re dangerously close to giving out.

Here’s X tweets that prove we’re just not built for it.

If we just had more NOTICE, we could have prepared better

When your deodorant is no longer working

Don’t even BOTHER trying to look anyway decent for a night out

We repeat

The pressure to have “fun” can be a killer

Sleeping is just cancelled

We’re well outside the celtic comfort zone right now

The first step is acceptance

Think of the children

We haven’t evolved for this

Where are the fans. Please someone pass us a fan

A solid case for giving out

Imagine having not one but TWO people inside your skin

Pass the lucozade

It’s Sophie’s Choice

What about the cup of tea??

And what will we do for the dinner?

A very sad story indeed

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