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31st Dec 2017

WATCH: Irish Language Gangster Rap Is Here And You Need To Hear It

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Ah Gangster Rap, those beats that make you feel like you actually look good twerking and you’re hard as nails

We’ve heard it all, from Tupac to 50 Cent and now would you believe, you can hear it in the Irish language!

Two lads from Belfast called Kneecap have gotten together to produce the kind of song you won’t ever be playing for yer mammy, it’s bold… but brilliant. 

Screen Shot 2017 12 31 At 08 59 28

Their single C.E.A.R.T.A has everything you would expect from a rap song, talk of narcotics, fowl play, and delinquency. 

No doubt, this has caused quite a bit of controversy. The song was planned to air on Raidió na Gaeltachta this month, however, RTE pulled the song from its schedule because of its lyrics.

Though it may be seen as explicit this does raise a new profile for the language, one that has not been done before. It is modern, contemporary way of looking a language that is thousands of years old. Which we think is pretty darn cool. 

Screen Shot 2017 12 31 At 09 13 51

KNEECAP will be making their début performance in early January at the Gradam Ceoil Nós.

The pair have shown that the Irish language can be used outside the classroom and it’s actually a deadly skill to have, especially when you can rap. 

The song gives a new lease of life to the language, not to mention it’s super catchy. It’s going on our playlist for sure:

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