WATCH: Irish Girl Reacts Hilariously To News Of A Great White Shark In Australia

The excitement is real

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We don't get too many great white sharks here in Ireland so it's understandable that we'd all be a bit surprised if one ever does decide to show up.

Down in Australia though, the beasts are a lot more commonplace so naturally the Aussies generally greet the news of their presence with a bit of a shrug. As for Irish people Down Under, well, you can take us out of Ireland but you can't take Ireland out of us.

Take this one girl who was interviewed on 7 News Australia about sightings of a great white shark at Tamarama Beach in Sydney.

While the natives seem nonplussed at best, the Irish girl reacts with wide-eyed amazement, seemingly just stopping short of saying, "G'way outta that, you're only codding me."

Coincidentally, she also states that she's only after watching Jaws. Would ya believe it at all?

Take a look at the clip below...

Never change, Ireland.

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