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16th Jan 2019

PIC: Irishman’s Disheartening Online Post After Taxi Man Allegedly Refuses Fare Because He’s “Too Fat”

Darragh Berry

A Limerick Taxi Driver allegedly refused to bring a passenger in his taxi because he was “too fat.”

The passenger was on a night out and was left very upset after the taximan apparently had said that he couldn’t “change gears” because of the person’s weight.

On Facebook, the passenger posted:

“At home feeling really low all my friends know I’m a big bloke but the driver of the taxi in the picture refuse to take me home 2night because I’m to fat and he could not change the gears.

“He actually got out of the car and walked away from it.”

The taxi driver is circled in the main picture and the number plate is blocked below but is included in the post.

Taximan Limerick Fat

People were furious in the comments. One said that this was “shocking behavior and glad you’ve highlighted it” while another told the man “that’s not on report it officially to proper authorities.”