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14th Sep 2020

Jedward had no time for Ian Brown’s controversial Twitter views today

James Fenton

Jedward appear to be on a two-man crusade at the moment to take down any famous person who attempts to voice their disapproval at coronavirus restrictions.

Just weeks after clashing with Jim Corr over his attendance at an anti-lockdown protest, Jedward have now come for Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown whose posts have stirred up controversy on social media over the past few days.

Last week, Brown received criticism for sharing an all caps message for his followers which read ‘NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX’ and today he followed that up by scoffing: ‘So im a Conspiracy Theorist HA! a term invented by the lamestream media to discredit those who can smell and see through the government/media lies and propaganda.’

It didn’t take long for Ireland’s favourite pop twins to publicly chastise the much-admired indie rocker as they posted the words ‘Hi Ian you discredited yourself with your backward views and non logical actions’ underneath.

However, Jedward being Jedward, they did find space to compliment Brown on his career and physical features by adding: ‘Your music and cheekbones are a dream but your tweets are a nightmare’…

Quite. Word of warning for anyone who wants to share their views on lockdowns, masks or coronavirus testing – Jedward are watching your every move.

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