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30th Jun 2017

These Are The Favourite Memes Of Irish Teenagers – According To A Teen

Rebecca Stafford

While we may think we’re very much part of the so-called ‘internet generation’ we could still learn a thing or two from the younger folk. 

We all know that memes serve to make us all LOL, and they usually do, but how much do you really know when to use them to maximise laughs and why?

To answer our queries, we’ve acquired the services of 16-year-old Rebecca Stafford to get us in the know.

Happy learning… 

“Memes are a big part of internet culture nowadays, for those who don’t know, or understand memes, I am here to enlighten you on what a meme is and the different types of memes.

There are different kinds of memes and along with trends, memes are constantly changing. A meme could be at its peak for months and then it can die within a few days, or some other memes will be everywhere for a few hours and then die out pretty fast.

To be a ‘Meme Master’ or a ‘Meme Queen’, you need to know the different types of memes”:

The Iconic Memes

The first type of meme is the iconic meme. 

These memes never die out properly, they die down a bit and won’t be as big, and then in a few weeks, they’ll be everywhere again, in a way they’re the best type of memes. These memes are like Pepe the Frog, Dat Boi, and That’s none of my business, you could never go wrong with a classic meme. Most of these memes don’t mean anything, they don’t have a clear joke which makes them even more iconic.

Trendy Memes

These type of memes are memes that are popular for a week or a month and then they’re not really as popular anymore. It’s hard to keep up with memes sometimes because as soon as you discover them they could be over. 

A lot of the super popular memes right now is the ‘cash me ousside’ meme and redbone meme, there is also a lot of memes to do with the American elections but they have their own category of memes.

Political Memes

Whenever there is anything going on, especially in America, memes are immediately made. Most memes are to do with Donald Trump because it isn’t that hard to make a joke out of that walking orange. 

One of the most iconic political memes is the ‘Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.’

Doggo Memes

Doggo Memes are my personal favourite simply because dogs are the best thing God has graced this earth with. Doggo is the meme phrase for dogs, there’s also phrases like pupper and borker which are all words for dogs.

Video Memes

As memes started to evolve, they went from being pictures and gifs to videos. The popularity of video memes increased when Vine became popular in 2012, but recently video memes have started to die out due to vine being shut down. 

There are still a few video memes but they’re not as common. The most recent one would be Winnie the Pooh dancing.

Wholesome Memes

Wholesome memes are precious memes. They are memes that make you feel good about yourself, everyone loves these memes for how innocent and precious they are.

Youtuber Memes

Youtuber memes are pretty hilarious. The most common YouTuber meme at the moment is the beauty guru meme. 

Beauty gurus have been trying loads of new ridiculous methods of putting makeup on, whether it be using a hard boiled egg to put on foundation or some even go as far as to use slime to apply their makeup.

Offensive Memes

Last and certainly least is offensive memes, these are the memes that we find on the dark side of the internet and the ones we don’t talk about.

And we certainly don’t post pictures of…

We hope that’s enlightened you somewhat. Meme queen, out.

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