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12th Nov 2018

WATCH: Tubridy And Late Late Show Receive 353 Complaints For Recent Controversial Interview

Darragh Berry

It has been revealed by The Irish Sun that The Late Late Show received over 350 complaints and was contacted over 500 times from viewers about a recent controversial interview.

A spokeswoman told the publication that: “RTÉ has received 353 complaints, and 67 emails and 95 calls giving feedback on last week’s Late Late Show, specifically the Peter Casey interview.”

A majority of the complaints focused on Tubridy’s questions and his overall performance during Casey’s interview.

One of the most talked about moments from the conversation was when Casey asked Tubridy if he had “lost control” of the interview , to which Tubridy replied: “Absolutely not, Peter, and I will tell you something: If I do you will know about it.”

Casey branded the host “rude” and said that they had agreed to only spend a couple of minutes talking about Casey’s Travelling Community comments before the interview.

However, this spoken agreement was allegedly broken by Tubridy who Casey said “lied” about only touching on the subject.

On the same night, Peter Casey had to release a statement denying that he had told Breakfast Republic host and new ‘Dancing With The Stars’ presenter, Jennifer Zamparelli that he didn’t know what a Direct Provision is.

The chat allegedly happened in the green room of The Late Late Show, Jennifer also appeared on the same night.

Casey called the claims, “a total lie.”

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