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05th Mar 2020

Laura Whitmore gives moving speech on the importance of kindness

Sarah Finnan

Laura Whitmore at WE Day

According to Laura Whitmore, there are many ways to escape the negativity some people experience on social media.

Created by humanitarians, activists and social entrepreneurs Craig and Marc Kielburger, the WE Movement offers people the resources they need to help them create positive social change not only in their communities but around the world. WE Day is the manifestation of the WE Movement.

An annual conference where school kids talk about local and global issues affecting them, it’s held in 15 cities across Canada, the US and the UK and the Caribbean.

One of the hosts of WE Day UK, Laura Whitmore joined a host of familiar faces including Gwendoline Christie, Leona Lewis, Idris Elba and Jamie Oliver to speak to a packed stadium of 13,000 young people.

According to the Bray native, we’ve got control over what we create and what we see online. We’re all responsible for what we put out online, and if that sometimes gets too much, then her advice is to delete the apps off your phone and take a break from social media for a couple of days.

In an interview on the red carpet, Laura had this to say about the importance of kindness:

“We’re all human, and I think growing up you learn that the world sometimes isn’t always kind. My number one thing is be kind to yourself. We can’t control what other people do, we can control what we do.

We can be kind to others and kind to ourselves, and what anyone else decides to do is up to them but we can just be responsible for ourselves.”

Laura posted the clip to her Instagram, thanking the WE Movement and all those who continue to inspire her every day.

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