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23rd Jul 2018

PIC: Love Island Couple Get Engaged For Real Inside Villa Ahead Of Tonight’s Show

Darragh Berry

If you think Love Island is one big made up game where contestants pretend to be in love with each other just so they can get some dolla-dolla, you’re wrong.

If you think Jack and Dani, Sam and Georgia, Frankie and Samira along with the rest won’t last five minutes in the outside world, this couple is living proof that the island brews a strong romance.

Love Island series 2 winners, Cara De La Hodye and Nathan Massey have announced that they got engaged when they returned to the actual Love Island Villa.

They told OK! Magazine, that Nathan brought Cara on a treasure hunt around the villa before eventually getting down on one knee.

“I brought her back to where we met, and took her on a little treasure hunt around the villa to different places which meant something to us.

“Finally, I blindfolded her, led her to the pool and got down on one knee,” said Nathan before his wife-to-be added: “It was so romantic that he proposed in the Love Island villa. This is where we met – we’ve come full circle.”

They have been together for two years and have a son, Freddie, who came into the world at the start of the year.

As for Monday’s show, prepare yourself because there is going to be a lie-detector special which is going to make way for some very awkward and tense moments.

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