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17th Jul 2018

One Couple Rumoured To Split Up On Tuesday’s Episode Of Love Island

Darragh Berry

This will send shockwaves through the villa…

How unlucky can one person be?

Poor old Laura, she’s constantly had her heart broken in the villa, the most famous time being when Wes left her for Megan.

She thought she had finally found love in (New) Jack but it seems that after their turbulent time in the villa (did he really mean to kiss Georgia?) he could be finally saying goodbye to their relationship.

In a teaser clip for Tuesday night’s episode, Jack looks to Wes for dating advice and asks what he should do.

Wes says that time in the villa is too short to not go after what will make him happy meaning that Jack’s doubts about how much Laura trusts him could come to the boil tonight.

It also comes after the news last night that the Island was about to get some new members as Paul Knops, Josh Mair, Laura Crane and Stephanie Lam were all thrown into the villa.

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