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25th Jul 2018

PICS: Hmmm – Suspicious Item Found In Love Island Villa Despite Their Very Strict And Notorious ‘Travel Ban’

Darragh Berry

We’re getting into the tail end of Love Island now and in Wednesday night’s programme, another couple will meet their maker as they will be voted out of the villa.

In the middle of all the lie detector tests and the row between Jack and Dani (we’re so glad mammy and daddy are still together), something rather odd was spotted in the villa on Monday night.

People took to Twitter to speculate whether the supposed ‘travel ban’ that rules over the villa is actually true or not considering it looks like New Jack was on the Maccy D’s run following the stressful truth or lies questionnaire.

We suppose they needed a treat after being put under the microscope by their girls.

Fair play to all the eagle-eyed viewers that managed to spot this.

Any chance of someone flying them in a Supermac’s though?

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