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20th Dec 2016

Lovin Trends Presents #Detox 26th-28th February


Here at Lovin Trends we are all about helping you to stay on top of the latest tech, advertising and design trends as you all go about our uber connected lifestyles. With smartphones, tablets and now wearables it is easy to feel like we can no longer switch-off. We have the solution for you as today we launch #Detox. It is 48 hours down the country with like minded ambitious professionals where you’ll eat the best food and network while you disconnect from the online world and re-energise yourself. We hope you reenter the connected world with bigger and better ideas. We’ll only have 20 people on the programme each month and they will be hand selected to make sure there are a wide range of interesting folk there. You just have to show up (without any devices whatsoever). Some of the detail is below but we like to surprise you and make an experience of it. Trust us it’ll be awesome.


A Full 48 Hour Digital Detox

We want to help people with social networking, not online but in the real world. To help create connections that go beyond just liking a photo or retweeting a peer. #Detox will take place on the 26th-28th February that will help you personally, with work and that hopefully last a lifetime. We have a few rules that will help the process:

  • No devices whatsoever (we’ll be checking)
  • We’ll allow you make one phone call a day to loved ones from our “bat phone”
  • Come with an open mind
  • Leave work behind you in every sense of the word

Food For The Brain & Movement For The Body

What we often forget to do is eat well and look after our bodies when we get busy. We’ll have a private chef cooking us the very finest food to help get the body back track. We’ll also be doing some activities (you don’t need to be in amazing condition) over the course of the two days as well as having some professionals offering you a massage at the end of a long day. We’ll keep most things a surprise but expect the body to be active and to eat wonderful wholesome food.



We’ll only be taking 20 people with us and they will be carefully selected. The cost is €399pp and that will include:

  • Pick-up and drop-off from Dublin
  • All food and soft drinks for the 48 hour period
  • Accommodation
  • Entertainment and activities
  • All networking sessions
  • Some alcohol

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