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25th Aug 2020

Maura Higgins x SVP is the clothing collab none of us ever expected

Sarah Finnan

Maura Higgins

Maura Higgins has announced a new clothing collaboration and it’s not what any of us expected.

Usually, influencers, namely those who find fame on reality shows such as Love Island, are better known for their fast-fashion clothing collabs. Already a brand ambassador for Boohoo, Maura Higgins has set her sights on more charitable pursuits – revealing that she’s teamed up with St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) Ireland to help them raise some much-needed funds. A sustainable queen!

Donating several new and pre-loved items of clothing from what I’m guessing is a fairly extensive wardrobe, they’ll be available to purchase from the SVP shop in Athlone. However, knowing that said items will be in very hot demand only a small number of shoppers will have access to Maura’s donations. More info below.

Naturally, Twitter is loving the news with one fan even claiming that Maura ‘truly is the people’s princess’. I like to think myself the Queen of Longford (sadly I’m alone in this), but I’ve happily relinquished my crown to Maura Higgins. Her fallout with Tom on Love Island will forever be one of my favourite moments in TV history and no, I’m not jokin.

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