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21st Oct 2018

Love Island Star Speaks Out Following Explicit Video That Leaked To Pornhub

Darragh Berry

We’re still not fully right after Love Island finished on our television screens and since it stopped, we’ve been wondering what everyone has been getting up to.

Wes and Megan were the dark horses of the television show who managed to make it all the way to the Finale.

Megan was heavily criticised because she had romantic relationships with Eyal and Alex but she finally came across her prince in Wes.

She’s looking to leave her history of stripping and glamour modelling behind her but it became the least of her worries when an explicit video was leaked to Pornhub

But, she’s accepted that it’s out there and told Grazia that:

“I’m going to try and get it taken down. But I think once people have seen it, they’ve seen it and we’ve all got a vibrator… (laughs) Let a girl live!”

We won’t argue with her there.

When asked about why she got such a hard time for coupling up with various people in the villa, she added that:

“People definitely do give girls a harder time than men – look at Adam, how many girls did he go through? It’s sexist. They’re painting me out to be the biggest player, but it’s a dating show and I tested the water.

“It’s 2018, and women are still getting stick for acting like men, I don’t see why we’re not equal. Even with the fact that I had sex in the villa, I’m open about that. Women enjoy sex just as much as men. Like, why can’t we say it? We should empower each other.”

Regarding her previous career she said: “I did it for a year – I got in, I got out, I earned my money, I didn’t hurt anyone, I don’t see why it’s so negative. Men enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, couples came in… everyone is happy!”

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