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12th Aug 2022

Most Irish people want to share a daiquiri with Michael D Higgins, survey shows

Fiona Frawley

collage of a strawberry Daiquiri and michael d higgins

No, this isn’t a presidential fever dream, it’s the result of a recent survey conducted by Master of Mixes.

The survey conducted with the help of 775 participants saw the strawberry daiquiri crowned as Ireland’s favourite cocktail, although a deeper dive shows that the mojito was voted the number one cocktail amongst the people of Limerick (46%) and Galway (41%). The pornstar martini was voted Kilkenny’s favourite cocktail (74%), despite it emerging as the nation’s least favourite cocktail overall. I thought there’d definitely be an appearance from ye olde espresso martini somewhere in the ranking, but there you go.

When asked what famous Irish person they would most like to share a cocktail with, the number one choice was none other than President Michael D Higgins (I’d personally like to extend the invite to Bród and Misneach too if possible), with an honourable mention too for Keith Barry who seems to have hypnotised the people of Roscommon (44% of them said they’d fancy a tipple with the magician).

Joanne McNally charmed county Leitrim with 60% of people choosing the comedian as their ideal cocktail partner (to be fair, the stories you’d hear), and 67% of Sligo people would like a cocktail date with Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy.

The survey also showed that Irish women prefer to enjoy a few cocktails when out with friends (58%) while Irish men prefer to indulge in a daiquiri or two while with their partners (48%).

You can order the makings of your favourite cocktail to enjoy at home, find recipe advice and more via the Master of Mixes WEBSITE.

Header image via Shutterstock & Instagram/masterofmixeseu 

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