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7 Of The Saddest Scenes From Irish Movies To Watch If You Need A Good Cry

By Sarah

May 14, 2017 at 8:06am


Do you ever get one of those days where you really, really, need to have a good hour-long weeping session but the crafty little tears just won't appear?


Just us then...

If you do though, then you may enjoy this expertly* curated list of the X saddest, most depressing scenes ever filmed in Ireland that will get your tear ducts flowing. In fact, don't just watch the scenes, watch the entire film because all of the below are feckin' fantastic.

*By 'expert' we mean someone who cries at the smallest of things.

1. Once (2006)

A  moving musical drama about two struggling musicians and their relationship to each other. The amazing music makes this an all-time emotional flick.

Sad scene to watch: When Marketa Irglova writes a song expressing the struggle she's having with her feelings for Glen Hansard's character and walks the streets at night.

2. Breakfast On Pluto (2005)

In the 1970s, a young transgender woman, Patrick 'Kitten' Braden, leaves Ireland for London to search for her birth mother in the company of a rock group. There she faces more struggles.

Sad scene to watch: When Kitten is sitting in the coffee shop, bruised and hopeless. :(


Photo: Youtube

3. Intermission (2003)

A black-comedy where characters have intersecting stories of love, greed and violence, starring Cillian Murphy who is regretting breaking up with his girlfriend, and Colm Meany as a hot-shot police detective.

Sad scene to watch: The opening scene where Colin Farrell brutally deceives a cashier. This will shock you into tears.

4. Adam and Paul (2004)

A bleak film which follows a day in the life of two Dublin drug addicts as they attempt to score some drugs, resorting to theft and other desperate measures.

Sad scene to watch: Adam and Paul break into an old friends house and consider stealing her TV, but are distracted by a baby crying in the next room. V depressing.

Adam And Paul

Photo: Youtube

5. Inside I'm Dancing (2004)

Living in a Dublin home for the disabled, Michael's cerebral palsy makes it difficult for anyone to understand his speech, until new friend Rory comes on the scene.

Sad scene to watch: When Michael's feelings aren't returned by a girl, he asks "doesn't she love me because I'm just not the one or because my disability turned her off?" Heartbreaking.

6. The Crying Game (1992)

This thriller film written and directed by Neil Jordan has one of the biggest plot twists ever, and explores race and gender against a backdrop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Sad scene to watch: Holding Fergus at gunpoint, Dil forces him to tell her that he loves her and will never leave her. She unties him, saying that, even if he is lying, it is nice to hear his words. Dil then breaks down in tears.

Jodysoutfit Thecryinggame

7. Song For A Raggy Boy (2003)

A harrowing tale based on true events. This is the story of a boys school in 1939 run by sadistic and abusive Christian Brothers who make life for pupil Delaney and his peers hell, while kind brother Franklin does his best to protect the boys.

Sad scene to watch: In the final scene, Delaney runs towards Franklin and jumps up to hug him while all the other boys gather round in love and affection for their saviour. Although every single scene is heartbreaking.


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