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7 Recent Additions To Netflix You Should Watch Tonight

By seank

April 28, 2017 at 2:27pm


This felt like the longest week ever and all we want to do after work is crash on the couch. Feck it, might even head straight for the bed.

It's a long weekend after all, there will still be plenty of time to actually do things later.

If you're chilling at home this evening, then you'll be wanting some sweet, sweet Netflix goodness, so we went and picked out some of its more recent additions for enjoy at home.

Aren't we just lovely?

1. Matilda

In the mood for a blast from past? Well then, there's no better childhood classic than Matilda.

It tells the story of an extraordinarily intelligent little girl with horrible parents and an even worse principal. Her life seems to improve, however, when she discovers some rather unusual abilities...

2. The Discovery

Set in a world where the afterlife has been proven to exist by science and millions of people around the planet are ending their own lives to get there.

As the world reels, a man and woman fall in love while learning about the true nature of the afterlife.

3. The Neon Demon

When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, she quickly becomes the hot new thing.

But her vitality is envied by a group of beauty-obsessed women who want to take from her everything that she has.

This flick is incredibly stylish, but kinda weird... in a good way.

4. Lakeview Terrace

When a young couple move into their new California home, everything seems blissful — until they fall foul of their next door neighbour, who disapproves of their interracial relationship. 

The neighbour begins a campaign of harassment that threatens to destroy the lives of the newlyweds.

5. The Killing$ Of Tony Blair

This documentary looks at Tony Blair's involvement in taking the UK to war in Iraq and asks some uncomfortable questions. 

The career and decisions of the former prime minister are investigated, revealing how he made many questionable friends in high places during his time in power while managing to make a huge personal fortune.

6. The 'Burbs

The dark side of suburbia is explored in this cult comedy starring a young Tom Hanks.

While enjoying some holiday time in the comfort of his own home, Ray Peterson starts to develop suspicions about his mysterious new neighbours, the Klopeks. 

Peterson becomes the leader of a group of neighbours who are convinced something dodgy is happening in their new neighbours' house, so they start investigating...

7. The Magnificent Seven

A remake of a classic western of the same name, here we have a good old-fashioned action flick. 

When an industrialist starts taking complete control of a small town, the townspeople hire seven outlaws to help them battle their oppressor.

It's a bit brainless, but a lot of fun.

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