WATCH: Upcoming Film To Tell Tragic Story Of Irish Sporting Icon

The biopic arrives in cinemas later this month...

Widely regarded as football's first international superstar, the story of George Best is a fascinating one.

A mix of the Belfast Boy's good looks, Irish charm and eye for a bit of divilment saw to it that his fame tranceded his sport and that's without even mentioning his extraordinary talents with a ball at his feet. 

Now, a new documentary called George Best: All By Himself is set be released and if the title is anything to go by the film will tell the tale of the loneliness and isolation that fame brings. 

We've got the trailer below and it covers the rise of George's sensational early career at Manchester United, his playboy lifestyle that he was so famed for, to the fall of his later years and descent into alcoholism.

The documentary is directed by award-winning Daniel Gordon and is set to be released in Irish cinemas on February 24th. 

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