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24th Feb 2022

We were today years old when we learnt Petit Filous isn’t yogurt

Fiona Frawley

I just need a moment to process.

Sure, some of you might be wondering how on earth I didn’t cop it when “fromage frais” (fresh cheese for those who didn’t jump on the Duo Lingo train over lockdown) is literally written on the front of the packet. But I wouldn’t have been one for the reading of food packets in primary school – I was more about the guzzling down of everything in front of me without an afterthought.

While enjoying my routine sleuth of Irish Twitter, I came across a startling discovery.

The tweet sites an Irish Times article from 2018, which informs us that Petit Filous do not contain yogurt, but fresh flavoured cheese.

Could be common knowledge, but I was right there with Caoimhe making this startling discovery in real time. All these years, we’ve actually been eating little tubs of cheese.

To be fair, the mood in the comments section is one of shock and disbelief.

And naturally, we’ve hand picked some of our favourite responses.

We’ve been conned. 

Not to bring further chaos and disruption to anyone’s day, but I can’t help but wonder – does this mean Frubes are actually tubes of cheese? If so, Cheesestrings better watch out – your gig’s not safe.

Anyway. To play us out, it’s only right that we hark back to one of the greatest Irish adverts of the early 2000s – it’s been in my head since I made this shocking discovery.

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