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27th Sep 2018

The “Biggest Band In The World” To Reunite And Headline Slane In Either 2019 or 2020

Darragh Berry

If this happens, it you could be assured that at least one million people would apply for tickets.

At least.

So this week it was announced that Metallica would headline Slane in 2019 and take the gauntlet that Guns ‘n’ Roses left last year.

However, MCD boss Denis Desmond has said that there is a “huge offer” on the table to bring another band to Slane in either 2019 or 2020.

Not only does he have to convince them to play the Irish location, he needs to convince them to reunite first.

The Irish Mirror has revealed that odds on Oasis playing the gig in the next two years are cut down to 5/1 as Desmond keeps offering them more and more to play and it “goes up every week and they know it.”

“A Summer 2019 gig at Slane would coincide with the 25 anniversary of the release of the first Oasis album but given the sibling rivalry in recent years.

“We actually have them at half that price (5/2) to headline in 2020 and the punters seem to believe that is a more realistic timescale for a thawing in relations.”

Oasis had five number one albums here in Ireland as well as four number one singles.

They split up in 2009 and brother Noel and Liam have taken aim at each other ever since in the public eye.

Both Noel and Liam have hinted at a reunion in several interviews but they’re both currently doing their own thing with their individual solo careers.

Is it all part of “The Masterplan” or is this all just going to “Fade Away”. “Some Might Say” that it’s “Going Nowhere” but we really hope the brothers “Talk Tonight” and get this on.

That’s enough references…

Would it be the two brothers with the original line up of Guigsy, Bonehead and Alan White/Tony McCarroll or would Gem, Andy and Zac Starkey/Chris Sharrock.

Or maybe it would be one set for the pre-1999 songs and the other for the rest.

They have always described themselves as “the biggest band in the world” but will they reunite and play at Slane.

Definitely… Maybe?

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