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15th Sep 2021

We’re all in our feels watching this Dermot Kennedy live performance

Katy Thornton

We’re incredibly jealous of Glasgow after seeing this

We have been pining for live events, and this snippet from Dermot Kennedy’s most recent performance has hit us in our feels. In the clip he sings his song “Rome”, and the lyrics are really reminiscent of the last year of separation. Kennedy sings, “Do you remember when/ Midnight drives when you’d sing/ I’d play you songs you were in?/ I just want to be there again.”

He continues on, singing, “Do you remember when/ With Rome below us that day/ You said, “I wish we could stay”?/ I just want to be there again.” We just want to be there too Dermot. It was amazing to hear the crowd singing back to him, and made us even more excited for the return of live events.

Dermot Kennedy will perform in Belfast this weekend at Ormeau Park. He will then return to Dublin for live shows in June 2022 and we are buzzing for it.

Header image via Instagram/dermotkennedy

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