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19th Aug 2020

WATCH: Dermot Kennedy’s new music video was filmed on the empty streets of Dublin

Lynda Keogh

Safe to say, Dermot Kennedy is bae. He can’t do any wrong in my eyes. I know I’m not alone in my thinking! He has recorded so many music videos, but this one is so special…

Although the official video¬†for his new single Giants was released a few weeks ago. Dermot (yes, we’re on first-name basis) just released an alternative video for this banger. This Giants video was filmed on the empty streets of Dublin during lockdown and just, wow.

The alternative video shows Dermot running down the quiet streets of Dublin, and definitely hits you right in the feels. It brings me right back to the depths of the original lockdown we experienced, although I was in no way as creative as Mr Kennedy.

In the footnotes of the music video, Dermot writes about the experience and what its meant to him:

It felt so special to be given this unique view of Dublin City while it was at a standstill. Having spent the last few years travelling, often feeling very detached from home, this felt like the perfect way to reconnect with my roots. This video represents the longing I feel for playing music for people. I miss it so much, and I want this video to take you on a journey back to the way things were when we got to sing together. We will get there again. – Dermot

Take a look below –

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