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08th Nov 2018

WATCH: This New Netlfix Film Is Basically A Christmas Version Of The Parent Trap

Kiara Keane

Netflix has done it again with their latest Christmas movie.

They recently released an incredibly cheesy festive film called The Holiday Calendar and they also confirmed that a sequel to last year’s hit A Christmas Prince is on the way very soon.

And now the streaming giant has just dropped the trailer for their latest Christmas movie called The Princess Switch and it looks like the perfect cheesy romcom.

It stars Vanessa Hudgens as both a “common” baker from Chicago called Stacy and the identical-looking Margaret, Duchess of Montenaro.

They decide to switch places with each other upon meeting and chaos inevitably ensues – at one point they start to fall in love with the men in each other’s lives, one of whom is a Prince.

It sounds an awful lot like the plot of both The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday but we predict that it’s going to be a massive hit.

It arrives on Netflix on Friday November 16 so mark this one in your diaries now if you’re a fan of cheesy romcoms.

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