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24th Jan 2018

Netflix Has A Genius Idea To Stop Couples Fighting Over What To Watch


You’ve had a shite day in work, the commute home was spent with your face shoved up into the side of a stranger’s arm and – best of all – you forgot your earphones so you had to listen to their mind-numbing conversation about their upcoming GAA match. 


The only thing that’s pulling you through is the thoughts of getting home to flop on the sofa with your boo and watch something nice on Netflix… Except let’s be honest, choosing what to watch is often more hassle than it’s worth. 

Fighting with your partner over what to watch on Netflix is a milestone every couple must face – but now Netflix have a genius idea to put an end to the tears…

They’re encouraging couples to find more “us” time by making a separate ‘Date Night’ profile 

What simplistic genius. This would make even Leonardo Da Vinci proud. 

All you have to do is set up a separate profile for the two of you and Netflix are PROMISING to give you suggestions that miraculously suit both your tastes. So now you can watch a movie without taking two hours to decide. 

We’ve high hopes for this.

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