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16th Feb 2018

Netflix’s New Original Series Is More Addictive Than Stranger Things And 13 Reasons Why

Darragh Berry

Get ready to be uncontrollably hooked on a televisions series, again.

Netflix announced information on Friday morning about their brand new original series called The Innocents. 

It is being described as a teenage love story with a supernatural twist and is based around two teenagers, Harry and June.

When the pair run away from their repressive family lives to be together, they are thrown into an extraordinary journey of self-discovery that derails their innocent dream. Secrets kept from them by their respective parents test their love to breaking point, and the extraordinary gift they possess unleashes powerful forces intent on dividing them forever. 

The Innocents is produced by UK-based New Pictures, led by Charlie Pattinson, Elaine Pyke and Willow Grylls.  The series is created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric.  Chris Croucher serves as producer.  Farren Blackburn is executive producer of the series (alongside Charlie Pattinson, Elaine Pyke and Willow Grylls) and director of 6 of the 8 episodes.

The series stars Sorcha Groundsell (Clique, Iona, Sleeping Lions) as June, Percelle Ascott (Wizard vs. Aliens, The Weekend Movie) as Harry and Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential, Memento, The King’s Speech) as Halvorson.

Mashable and The Hollywood Reporter have said that this original series is going to be one of Netflix’s most addictive yet. 

Have a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Love. Changes. Everything.

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