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19th Jan 2021

New Galway pizza spot asking for your worst name suggestions

Sarah Finnan

worst name

Soon to join the fun out in Connemara, the new spot is still nameless as of yet with owners asking the public to help them out and submit their worst name suggestions for consideration.

The Galway pizza scene is soon to welcome a new addition to the mix with two lovely locals busy putting the finishing touches on their new venue ahead of opening. Converting a wooden trailer into a workable takeaway spot, the team are almost ready to get down to it, though they still need a little help in the names department.

Taking to social media to ask the public for the worst names they can think of, they’re hoping that one of the suggestions will help spark something great. Suggestions have been pouring in since the tweet was posted last night… and well, some of them are very imaginative, to say the least.

Below are some of the proposed options so far:

  • Píosa Pizza
  • Pizza Hut (have a hunch that there may be copyright issues with that one)
  • Fed at the Shed, Wooden It Be Slice, The Hot Stone Hut, Game of Stones, The Pizza Wheel, Fired Up, Lust for Crust – all suggestions from one helpful user
  • Píosta Réistance
  • We Knead Pizza
  • Wild Atlantic Crust

Another suggested the team go with ‘Fancy Toasties’, claiming that’s all pizza is anyways – “a big cheese toastie with notions”. An interesting opinion, can’t say it’s one I’ve heard before.

The gold has to go to Maithzarella though… I mean, how could it not?!

Previously convinced that the most creative ideas are born from the worst suggestions, I’d hazard a guess that the duo is seriously questioning that theory now.

Header image via Twitter/@zonua

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