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23rd May 2018

Niall Horan Shared A Lovely Surprise That Was Left To Him On A Plane

James Fenton

Screaming babies are are part and parcel of traveling on a long-haul flight and while the experience can be a little tedious, it’s just something we all have to put up with. Part of us hopes that the little one will eventually doze off while the other part feels some sympathy for the parents who not only are tasked with getting the baby to sleep, they also may have to deal with judgemental glances from other passengers. 

Niall Horan came across one such set of parents who had more reason to be nervous than your average person as they traveled on a plane with their new-born for the first time. The singer took to Twitter to share a message left by the doting dads on the other passengers’ seats explaining the situation and appealing for a bit of understanding. Not only that, Horan received a goody bag just for having a bit of patience and he seemed to be only delighted if this post is anything to go by. 

So it seems little Marit’s first flight went well and there wasn’t a peep out of her. Just wait until a few years down the line when she has to deal with security queues, lost baggage and so on. Then she’ll have real reason to have a good moan. 

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