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07th Apr 2020

Niall Horan’s street cred takes a hit with Vogue Williams revelation

James Fenton

Niall Horan has a reputation for being a down-to-earth bloke and if anyone was in doubt, Vogue Williams has now corroborated his clean-cut image.

Speaking on her Heart Radio show in London, Vogue told listeners of a time when she attended the same party as her fellow Irish exile Niall Horan. As a young Irishman with millions of fans around the world, Vogue obviously expected the Mullingar singer to be the life and soul but it seems his laid-back image rings truer than anyone thought.

On Sunday morning, Vogue said “Niall Horan, you would think he would be super rock and roll like all the 1D boys would be but I once went to a party with him and he had a glass of milk and was playing the PlayStation and that was his party vibe. So, he’s actually slightly less rock and roll than I thought he would be.”

It certainly reads like something a big sister would come out with and accidentally mortify you. There’s nothing wrong with a drop of milk and a bit of gaming all the same and it says a lot about Niall’s chill levels that he can be so relaxed at a party presumably attended by a few celebs. He’s shown himself before to be a man who can take a slagging so it’s doubtful that he’ll bat an eyelid at Vogue’s attack on his street cred.

Williams became the host of Sunday Breakfast on Heart FM last month and you can find out more about her show here.

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