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20th Dec 2016

Nickelback Win A New Wave Of Admirers With This Brilliant Response On Twitter

James Fenton

This is how you remind them that they’re not that funny. 

It’s well documented that Canadian rockers Nickelback are not everyone’s cup of tea. So much so that it’s seen as cooler to openly dislike them rather than admit that you’re a fan of their inoffensive brand of turn of the millennium pop rock. 

The butt of many a joke in the age of internet humiliation, it seems the band themselves aren’t too bothered. 

When English rock duo Royal Blood took an apparent, and rather unnecessary, swipe by comparing Nickelback unfavourably to a combination of US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Canadians had the perfect response:


That is how you do it. 


We salute you, Nickelback. Perhaps those who attend their gig tonight at Dublin’s 3 Arena will be met with some added comedy. 

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