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28th Dec 2020

No one is ok after watching Fungie’s Kingdom on RTÉ last night

Sarah Finnan

Fungie's Kingdom

One of Dingle’s most beloved residents, Fungie’s disappearance has proven to be of great concern to the Irish public (and wider world).

First making headlines back in mid-October this year, the public is still coming to terms with news that one of The Kingdom’s most famous residents has gone missing. Usually found swimming along the Kerry coastline, alarm bells started ringing after locals realised that Fungie the dolphin hadn’t been spotted in several days. Two months on and he’s still yet to be seen… time may be the best healer, but that hasn’t made the loss any easier.

Up there as one of the top stories of the year, it was also the subject of a new documentary on RTÉ last night. Called Fungie’s Kingdom, the programme was headed up by Baz Ashmawy who made the trip to Dingle in the aftermath of his disappearance to “explore the magic and the mystery of the cheeky, solitary, wild dolphin”.

As invested in the story as ever, viewers have been left heartbroken by the documentary all over again.

Fungie – we’re thinking of you, wherever you are.

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