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20th Dec 2016

“No Tech Zone” Signs Start Appearing In San Francisco


Residents of San Francisco have started spotting “No tech” signs around Alamo square today with warnings of $300 fines for anybody using devices. While nobody is sure of the authenticity of the signs yet and they are more than likely a marketing stunt or joke they are getting traction online because people agree with the sentiment behind them.

Can you imagine the horror of getting fined $300 for pulling out your phone to look at Google maps or to hail an UBER?

Given that San Francisco is a city that defines trends around the world this could be an interesting move. Many coffee shops in the city already ban WIFI usage and discourage people on phones or laptops. Would it be such a crazy thing to have a few areas around a city that banned phones? While this might be a prank I think it is something people would love to see in a few very specific areas. I’d actually go as far as saying it will happen for real in the future