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09th Jan 2020

One Wicklow deli gave a customer the stingiest serving of mayo possible and you can’t help but laugh

Sarah Finnan

Let me set the scene:

You’re passing by the local deli when a sudden wave of hunger washes over you. The smell of food wafts out the open door, enticing you in for some grub.

You wait in line, get to the counter and go through the usual rigmarole – plain or spicy? Cut in half? Etc, etc.

You’re milling into some chicken, but it’s too dry. You realise some sauce would do the trick, so you go back up to the counter and politely ask for some mayo.

Now, you’d imagine that such a request is a common occurrence and as such, staff would be accustomed to giving it out readily…that they’d be aware of adequate portion sizes and the like. Fairly standard stuff.

Turns out that’s not always the case.

Behold the serving that one unfortunate customer was handed at a deli in Co. Wicklow (customer requested to keep identity and establishment anonymous).

Yes, that’s it. That’s ALL of it.

I mean you can’t help but laugh, can you?

Perhaps the boom isn’t back after all, my friends.

Let’s hope you never find yourself in a similar situation.

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