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15th Aug 2018

PIC: This Is The Worst And Rudest Parking Attempt We’ve Seen This Week

Darragh Berry

Whatever about reversing into a parking space and taking up two parking spaces, we can offer some bit of forgiveness.

Maybe you didn’t look into your mirrors and didn’t notice that you were overstepping two white lin…

No actually scrap that. Unless you are blind, you’ll have noticed that you’re taking up multiple spaces when you’ve stepped out of the car.

As for driving into a parking spot length ways, you’re always going to take up two if not more parking spaces at one time.

Furthermore, parking in not one but two disabled bays when you have no permit is unacceptable.

Ergo, parking length ways while taking up two disabled spots while you have no permit is just the ultimate dick move.

Diane shared this photo on Twitter.

Diane is a wheelchair user herself and was less than impressed by this shit attempt of parking.

We don’t care if you were just nipping to the ATM or if you were parking up to shoot across to talk to Bridie on the footpath. This is not acceptable.