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26th May 2021

Paul Mescal releases new song ahead of upcoming Irish crime podcast series

Rory Cashin

Paul Mescal

Mescal and loads of other famous Irish actors will be involved in the new series.

The folks behind new podcast series Black Alley have amassed a very impressive cast list of Irish talent to tell a group of four inter-connected crime stories.

Fionntán Larney, who directed and wrote all of the episodes with the folks at Springheel Productions, worked with Paul Mescal (Normal People), Chris Walley (The Young Offenders), Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Love/Hate), Niamh McCann (Brooklyn), Eanna Hardwicke (Vivarium), Alex Murphy (The Young Offenders), Frank Blake (Game of Thrones), Meadhbh Maxwell (Normal People) and Peter Coonan (Dark Lies The Island) on the episodes.

The first one set to arrive on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming platforms on Tuesday, June 1, while the rest of the episodes will then arrive fortnightly after that, before the finale on Tuesday, July 13.

Ahead of the podcast’s arrival, Larney has shared the track ‘Black To The Bed’, performed by Paul Mescal, which will feature in his episode of Black Alley.

Mescal’s episode, titled ‘Thunder’, will arrive on Tuesday, June 15, and Larney told JOE the following about the episode:

“It’s a cold and stormy night. One by one, a gang of robbers arrive back at their den. When their chief arrives, he explains that he’s hidden the score. He’ll take them out individually to give them their cut. Which means most of them will have to wait. Stories are told, songs are sung. But this gang is more than a bit impatient. Because there’s more than one plan afoot. How do you avoid being bitten in a pit full of snakes?”

More details on the podcast can be found here.

Check out Mescal’s song right here:

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