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30th Nov 2017

People Are Sharing Hilarious “Weird Irish Teacher” Stories On Twitter

Darragh Berry

Whether you loved it or hated it, the vast majority of your childhood memories are probably based in the classroom or schoolyard.

And if one or two of your former teachers stick out heavily in those memories, you are going to love this Twitter thread. 

Fiona Hyde, with a Twitter handle of @andgoseek (get it?) posted a very simple question on social media on Wednesday – but one which opened up a major discussion.

Her question reads: “Who was your weirdest teacher?”

She went onto explain “I had one in primary school who didn’t teach maths/Irish for the entire year, but made us learn off the words to Millennium by Robbie Williams and watch Space Camp.”

First of all, that song: absolute tune.

There’s always that one teacher that would make you wonder how they got the job at all. 

Well, you’re not the only one. 

From the weird and wonderful to the downright strange, the thread is something else.

Do you think your stories could beat any of them?