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26th Sep 2018

PIC: Do You Actually Know What Your County Motto Is?


“Up Cork” or “Up the Dubs” might be the first thing that springs to mind someone asks what your county motto is, but it turns out that the majority of them are WAY more complicated than that.

Ireland began creating coats of arms for each county in the late 1800s, with local governments assigning a county crest and a motto.

We reckon some of the people behind the mottos must have had a few too many sips of Franciscan monk wine though, ‘cos we can’t wrap our heads around most of them.

Some of the mottos are pretty random…


Image: @WheresOmarToday

“Remember Limerick” – what? As if anyone could forget Limerick more like. Cavan’s “manliness” motto seems like sever overcompensation but sure look.

As for the poor counties that don’t have a motto? They’re probs better off.

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