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02nd Mar 2018

PIC: People In Waterford Are Going To Extreme Lengths To Stock Up On Booze


The ground outside might be soaking wet but jaysus our mouths… So dry… Need… BEEEEEEER…

We can’t be the only ones, right? People are venturing outside for the first time since yesterday and while some folk might be legging it to the supermarket for bread and milk, the good people of Waterford have their priorities straight. 

Reddit user Deisesupes posted this insane photo of locals in Kilcohan, Co. Waterford queuing up in the blizzard outside Carry Out off license. 

With fresh snow expected for the south east, we can only imagine they’re stocking up on booze for the entire weekend…

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There’s even children and dogs standing out there alongside the thirsty boozehounds of the town. This is almost too stereotypically Irish to be true. 

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