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25th Jan 2018

PIC: Saoirse Ronan Celebrated Her Oscar Nomination In A Delightfully Irish Way


Being the undisputed legend that she is, our very own Saoirse Ronan has just been nominated for none other than her THIRD Oscar. 

Only one other actress has ever secured three Oscar nominations before the age of 24 (Jennifer Lawrence, FYI – seal it up for vital pub quiz info) so the fact that Saoirse is leading the charge is pretty impressive. 

So, how did Saoirse celebrate her nomination?

Did she rent a limo big enough to fit all of her mates and Elton John into and quaff champagne? Nope. Did she fill a swimming pool with thousands of one dollar notes and just splash around in all the filthy richness, getting many a paper cut along the way? She sure didn’t. (We know realise we don’t deserve fame if this is what we would do.)

Anyway… Saoirse being Saoirse, it looks like she celebrated with a very close friend and some good ol’ brown bread and jam. Seriously. 

Her mate Scarlett Curtis AKA the daughter of Richard Curtis posted a picture to Instagram of Saoirse smiling on the sofa, with a freshly baked loaf in front of her a pretty pink ‘3’ candle.

“Proud friend. Proud woman. @ladybirdmovie

Saoirse and Scarlett are pretty much BFFs btw and do all sorts of fun lark together, like hang out backstage at Saturday Night Live and hit up Glastonbury 

Irish mammies all over the country would be proud as punch of that. Sure who needs cake when you’ve got some nice brown bread?

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