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14th Jul 2017

PIC: This Austrian Sausage Has A Uniquely Irish Name And It’s Pretty Hilarious


Sometimes things get seriously lost in translation. And today, we have the perfect example of words that make sense in their native language, but mean something else entirely to us.

Let’s see… Would you eat a ‘Knacker’ sausage by any chance?

That’s what a lot of Germans and Austrians do, where they shorten the word Knackwurst, a pork sausage, into ‘knacker’ a word used here in a lot of ways, ranging from meaning ‘I’m super tired’ to a derogatory term for a member of the Travelling community.

Reddit user Tyrannosaurusjimmy spotted this mishap, saying he has a feeling that it wouldn’t sell too well over here, and we have to agree.

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We’ll stick to Denny thanks.

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