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13th Dec 2017

PIC: This Hilarious Irish Dad’s Text Suggests He’s Going To Struggle Big Time With His Christmas Shopping

Megan Cassidy

Someone help this man.

A moment for all those out on the Christmas shopping frontline armed with lists that they don’t understand.

I mean, Christmas shopping is hard enough as it is without frantically searching for a gift you’ve never even heard of.

We have a feeling this Irish Dad is going to struggle big time on his Christmas shopping day, as he seems to have translated a popular perfume title into dad-language, a vernacular we’re not sure retailers understand. reader Sarah Doyle sent us a screengrab of her dad’s text, and we’re not going to lie… we’re worried for him.

Dad Screengrab

We’ve never actually heard of ‘Eau de Mammals Michelle’, but Sarah reckons he is referring to the massively popular Coco Mademoiselle.

Very close.

We really hope someone has a look over the rest of his list before he sets off.

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