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30th Mar 2017

PIC: This Restaurant In Taiwan Has A Hilarious ‘Irish Proverb’ On Their Menu

James Fenton

This made us chuckle quite a bit. Reddit user JamesOCocaine posted this snap of a menu in Taiwan. 

The joint appears to be called ‘Ireland’s Potato.’ Fair enough, says you. But it’s the attempt at an Irish proverb that caught our eye. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2017 03 30 At 15 03 02

‘Ireland’s Proverb Says: There Are Two Things In The World That Can’t Be Joked:

1. Marriage 2. Potato’

As brilliant as it is, we’re not quite sure we’ve heard it before. They are correct however, in saying that potatoes are no laughing matter. 

Have you spotted any similarly hilarious Irish references around the world? Be sure to send them into us.

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