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21st Nov 2018

PICS: John Joe From The Toy Show Is Now 17 And Lives In Paris

James Fenton

Cast your minds back to 2009 when the Toy Show was just the Toy Show and not the social media powerhouse it is today. A simpler time and perhaps a touch more charming, too.

While there have been countless examples of youngsters who caught the attention of the public over the years, not many have captured the imagination as much as John Joe, a budding horologist who appeared alongside Ryan Tubridy, in what was the presenter’s first Toy Show, nine years ago.

Speaking with a level of passion many of us can only aspire to, the eight-year-old spoke all about how he became interested in clocks and his aspirations for the future.

Now 17, it appears John Joe hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm, appearing in the Sunday Times surrounded by a number of clocks adorning the walls of his Parisien bedroom.

The image was posted by author Eithne Shortall and she went on to point out that, sadly, John Joe sees no future in clocks and now plans to become an auctioneer.

Horology’s loss is auctioneering’s gain it would seem. To see more little stars of the future, be sure to tune into The Late Late Toy Show on December 1. A trailer for the programme can be found here.

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