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23rd Feb 2020

PICS: TedFest is in full swing and it looks like mad craic

Sarah Finnan

Today marks the last day of the festival, but judging by the past few days’ antics, the fun is far from over yet.

TedFest is in full swing out on Inis Mor at the minute – coinciding with neighbouring Galway’s reign as the European Capital of Culture, this year’s event was aptly named the Craggy Island of Culture.

A four-day festival, it celebrates all things Father Ted and it looks absolutely mental… not that we ever doubted it would be anything but.Β Probably one of the funniest Irish TV programmes to date (save for Derry Girls), it’s one of those series that you can’t help but love. It’s so bloody Irish it hurts.

Festival-goers out west are certainly getting into the spirit of things, showing the love for Ted and his band of merry men. Between costume parties, alcohol yoga (yes really) and lovely girls competitions, there’s a lot going on. We’re just sorry to be missing out.

Take a look at some of the craic below. Go on…go on, go on, go on.

One of the more obscure Father Ted quotes, but a good one nonetheless.

Good to see there’s an emphasis on fitness this year…

As for celebrity sightings, well both Eoin McLove and Father Damo popped their heads in.

I think this one sums up the whole experience really.

We’re no good at judging the size of crowds, but there looks to be about seventeen million of them out there.

Us too Rob, us too. We’re already planning our trip to TedFest 2021.

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