PICS: This Sweary Colouring Book Is Just The Present You Need To Buy Yourself This Christmas

And it's 100% fully fucking Irish

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We've all seen the Instagram posts of modern day celebs pushing the colouring book trend, as a method of relaxation, zen and promoting 'me time', and we've all sighed collectively.

Buuuut, this is a colouring book we can certainly get behind. 

Sweary coloring books by Edwina Mc Namee, a Louth woman no less, is the answer to all of our multi-coloured, profanity-inducing, childlike problems.

Her colouring book is fucking brilliant, and is available to purchase on her website. 

Try these on for size...

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Aren't they the best?

They're the best. That's our secret santa present sorted. 

Good woman Edwina, you're doing God's work. 

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