PIC: This Irish Pub Have Ensured Punters Can Now Go To The Jacks In Peace

Your pint shall remain untouched...


We're all for enjoying a peaceful solo pint of an evening (or morning, afternoon, whenever) but there's nothing worse than having no one to mind your drink when you need to answer the call of nature. 

There's always the danger that a crafty cheapskate will have no qualms about necking the rest of your pint or even an innocent member of staff assuming you've abruptly called it a night and gone home. 

Well, this pub in Oldcastle, Co. Meath (which is funnily enough call The Dublin Bar) has found the perfect solution. 

Ideal. It certainly beats sticking a beer mat on top leaving the rest of your pint tasting like cardboard.

Kudos, Dublin Bar. 


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Written By

James Fenton

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