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25th Jun 2018

WATCH: Post Malone Singing ‘The Auld Triangle’ Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Darragh Berry

Post Malone is currently blasting out on our radios non-stop with hit after hit.

‘Rockstar’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Better Now’ and ‘Candy Paint’ have been extremely popular especially here in Ireland but we think he may have outdone himself with his latest song.

Darragh O’Rourke went to a Post Malone concert over the weekend without a ticket.

Now, you think that getting in alone would be an achievement in itself but oh no, O’Rourke managed to find himself backstage with Post Malone.

Wait, WAIT, it gets better.

Then, he broke into a version of The Dubliners classic ‘The Auld Triangle’ (as you do) and before he knew it, Post Malone only fecking joined in.

And no, he doesn’t just effortlessly roar out the chorus of the ‘jingle jangle’. He took one of the verses all by himself.

If the video isn’t playing in the article for you, you can find it here.

He has already gone up one million percent in popularity here in Ireland after that sing-song.

The set of lungs on him and the confidence to take on the last verse all by himself.

Take a bow, son.

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